Made to Sparkle ~ essence trend edition



Leave a little sparkle wherever you go! In November 2017, the brand essence is continuing to celebrate its 15th birthday year with the new trend edition “made to sparkle” with products for the ultimate glam factor. On board: metallic as well as glittering effects and prism shades to ensure absolutely breathtaking party make-up.


Highlighting & transforming prismatic palette

01 don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle


The powder palette in four pastel shades with a prismatic finish sets high-lights on eyeshadow, blush or lipstick. The darker the base colour is, the more prismatic the effect.

Rose gold liquid eyeliner

01 you were born to sparkle

The eyeliner with a high coverage in glamorous rosé gold creates trendy eyeliner styles that are sure to be the eye-catcher of any outfit.

Highlighting glow drops

01 oh, it’s so glow!

This liquid highlighter comes in a practical dropper packaging to make dosage super easy and can be worn solo or mixed with foundation for a radiant complexion.

Surprise bag

01 shine bright like a diamond!

The surprise birthday highlight: a cute surprise product is hidden in a packaging full of glitter sequins.

Highlighting eye pen

02 it’s time to
01 highlight in your eyes

Highly pigmented cream highlighter in a practical pen shape with a silky texture perfect for emphasizing the area underneath the brow arch, the inner corners of the eyes or the cheekbones.

Velvet choker

01 keep calm and sparkle on

The velvet chocker with a playful pendant in a diamond look can be tied so that the size can be
individually adapted to be worn as a bracelet or necklace.

Velvet metallic liquid lipstick

02 it’s time to party!
02 get some sparkle on!
02 get some sparkle on!
01 star of the party
01 star of the party
01 star of the party

The long-lasting liquid lipsticks with a high coverage in rosé gold and copper unite two big trends that
shouldn’t be missing at any party: matt and metallic.

Sequin matt top coat


The texture of the top coat with shiny golden sequins turns matt when dry to give the nail style a unique look.

Nail polish

02 don’t be too shy to shine
01 glam like BAM!
03 celebrate good times
04 party of your life

High coverage nail polish in rosé gold, purple, pink and white with various effects like metallic or shimmering turn the nails into party accessories.

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