Gabrini Cosmetics ~ MAKE UP for Christmas!

Hello everyone! I had the pleasure to discover a make up brand that I did not know, Gabrini Cosmetics, which gave me the opportunity to try some products to show you.

Gabrini has a full line of cosmetics, nail polishes and beauty masks. It is imported to Italy by Il Sole srl., a leading company in the wholesale of make up products, perfumes and accessories.

But let’s move to the stuff I received.

Metallic Liquid eyeshadows 05 and 07

Two bright and metallic colors: one silver and one purple-ish. They are comfortable to apply and dry quickly. They stick well on the eyelid (I remind you I have dry skin and no oily eyelid problem). They are perfect if used as a base to intensify powder eyeshadow.

Below you can see the colors on my arm.

Here instead you see the sponge applicator of the liquid eyeshadow.

You can also use it as eyeliner if you use an eyeliner brush!

Liquid eyeshadows are available in ten different colors, 6 ml, with twelve months PAO from opening.

Matte Metallic Liquid Lipgloss 08 and 02

They are more real lip tints rather than lip glosses, they dry out quickly and stick to lips, and once dried you will forget to have them! The endurance is good, it lasts a long time. The color is really brilliant, very beautiful. In my opinion, there are both very good products. Unfortunately, although I like them, those colors don’t work so well on my skin tone.

The first color is bronze, the second is slightly different from the photo you see (the original one has a little touch of mauve). The applicator is comfortable to use since it is not straight. We can use it on the edge of the lips to delineate as well as over the entire surface.

Matte metallic liquid lipsticks are available in twelve colors, 6 ml, twelve months PAO after opening.

Metallic Eyeliner 108 and 102

Here you see two beautiful metallic eyeliners: anthracite and golden. I really enjoyed the applicator, it allows a precise and slim drawing of the eyeliner. It lasts all day long and the color is intense and bright just after a single pass. Below the colors.

<img src="" alt="Buzzoole" />

Apologies for my irritated skin, but at this point I had to work a little to remove the lip glosses (and that’s good, it means they are resistent!). This is instead the fantastic thin brush:

Eyeliners are available in eight different colors, 6 ml, with twelve months PAO from the opening.

I noticed the particular pleasing scent of eyeliners and lip glosses (to me, they smell like peach!)

Metallic make up is trendy at the moment and with the upcoming holidays we can really enjoy it. Surely, the eyeliners will come with me on vacation: a golden touch is always good in Christmas time!

I have to say I really enjoyed this make up and the value for money is great.

Did you know this make up? Who has already used some Gabrini products?

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