Neogothic collection ~ Neve Cosmetics

A fantasy tale unfolding in mysterious ways.
Prophecies, symbols, spells…
Magic is in the eye of the beholder.

Neve Cosmetics celebrates the darkest side of beauty with a new collection featuring rare and enigmatic shades.


The Magic Circle: The color that will make you believe in magic… Burnished bronze duochrome lipstick-gloss with a black base and golden reflects. Apply a thin layer and get a ‘filter’ that changes the color of your lips or lipstick! giving them a magnetic allure.


Witch: Extra dark purple with magenta undertone. A fierce and vibrant shade for witches and princesses.

Mandragora: Dark & deep flesh pink, intense and enticing like the petals of a cursed, perhaps hallucinogen flower.

Symbol: Warm & deep light beige with amber undertone. An indecipherable and minimalist nude.


Prophecy: A thousand reflects, infinite interpretations… Bronze with burgundy undertone, golden shimmer and green glints.

Melusine: Creamy black with anthracite satin sheen. Obscure and bewitching as the creature after which it is named.

Hero: Black duochrome with bright blue shimmer. The color of waning moon nights.


Court: Sunset red blush with ruby undertone, velvety and adjustable in intensity. The ambiguous color of court intrigues.


Dagger: Dark agate green with bronze undertone. Perfect to bring out the warm tones in brown, green and hazel eyes.

Knight: Murky waters: dark sepia on a tobacco green base. The champion of the most mysterious and unusual smoky eyes looks.

Sword: A blade of light! Shimmer opal gold with a neutral-cool undertone.

Neogothic will debut on November 7th on

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